Tuesday 8 December 2015

20 Days Later

This was my life for the last 20 days.
Well, I haven't write here since I found out about Lumpy and to be honest I went through a bit of a rough time.

I had to go through some lab studies before the oncologist could confirm or deny anything.
The studies were painful and scary and I felt under the weather a whole week after.

Finally my results were back and yesterday I went to the oncologist to hear the diagnose.  I was so glad when I heard the lipoma diagnose that I felt as if a gigantic stone was lifted from my stomach.
He said it is a benign lipoma and I just need to monitor it every 6 months for about 2 years and if it doesn't grow or becomes painful, I'm on the clear!

Thanks for the good news!

I don't mind that much having to go back for the painful lab studies every year for those 2 years, as long as Lumpy stays unchanged.
I'm thankful, grateful and happy that it was not cancer and that all the changes towards a healthier life style were a definite help during this process. 

Now I can take a deep breath, smile because of my health and my wonderful body that does amazing features and keep working towards a better me, a healthier me. 

It is amazing how 7 months ago I was looking for a way out, the proverbial ticket so I can get off of this ride we call life.  But as soon as I realized I had a lot to live for and I wanted to live and feel and love and be part of this world, Life smacked me on the face and gave me a pretty shitty scare, perhaps to let me know I love my life or perhaps to reinforce how important health is.

I don't know why this happened to me right now, maybe for these reasons, maybe it was just chance and bad/good luck.  But what I know is that I'm as committed as ever to become the healthiest possible me.

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