Wednesday 26 August 2015

A Great Treat

I started using planners since I college.  I love them!  my first planners were a bit simple: A monthly view, a weekly view and some other inserts like address book (which I relabelled so they could be subject dividers for my notes at school).
Each year I would buy the refills and write every aspect of my life on those pages.  Until digital planners had a boom and stores stopped selling refills and/or planners.

That was a very sad day for me and eventually I stopped using them trying to adapt this side of my (des)organization to the digital area... it never worked. 

Around April this year (2015) I was reorganizing my stationary "things" (a million post-its, pens, stickers, notebooks, etc.) when I found my old planner.  It had a 2001 calendar that was just half used (I bought another planner mid year) and still some od my school notes.  And suddenly, my planner love was renewed. 

I decided to make a Frankenplanner.  I used (a lot of) correction tape to erase the old dates and notes and changed it to become a 2015 planner.  I used it for about a month when I found out (searching for new planners somewhere in the world) that there was this huge community of planner lovers and all the products made for them.

I leant about the use of washi tape and other wonders to decorate the monthly and weekly pages, how to make your own dividers and different ways to colour code (I already did this, but new tips are always welcomed).

And then, The Search began.  Yes, The Search with capital letters.  I was looking for the Perfect Planner, only to find out it was like the Holy Grail, a lot of people are trying to find it, and it's not that easy.

So my quest was laid before me: find the Holy Grail Perfect Planner before the start of 2016.  I went through so many pages, blog posts, reviews, opinions and YouTube videos... Erin Condren, Filofax, and so many more. 

First off, what kind of planner do I want need? Answer: A 6 ring binder/Filofax planner.  I want to customize it end-to-end. 
Then, which ones have shipping to this forgotten 3rd world country I live in... Filofax doesn't. 

So after months of searching and reviewing and thinking, my quest is over!  I'm giving a chance to the beautiful and a bit expensive Kikki K.

I decided I for a 2016 Leather Time Planner Medium: Teal

Today I placed my order and will await for 5-10 business days for my planner to arrive.

I promise a full review as soon as I get it, but after I open it and check it... it's going back to a box until Christmas morning as a gift from me to me.

Now I have more experience decorating my planner with stickers and washi tape, stamps and post-its so I expect a beautiful and decorated 2016 in the pages of my Kikki K.

Let's see if next year I stick with this brand or I get another one.

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