Sunday 30 August 2015

I Love Food

I really, really love food. Good food that is.  And I'm not just talking about fancy restaurants and pricey meals... I mean all kinds of food: fancy, exotic, street food, home made...

Of course it shows how much I love eating... and how big my sweet tooth is.  I was obese Class I when I started a plan to better my overall health.

I started eating better, healthier, eventually I stopped smoking and started working out.

Today I'm down to be overweight on my way to normal (I hope).  I feel so much better without smoking and working out every morning. I can treat myself with something I'm craving or gong out for a nice dinner once a week and it's been a slow road, but yesterday finally someone said I look thinner!!!
It's been a very happy road... before this, I was standing in front of a cliff: for weeks I thought about killing myself, but instead (and I don't know why) I decided to go on a diet. After I started eating better I started to feel better, and then I started working out and quit smocking and my life turned around! I even found a job with a very very nice pay check.
Now I feel happy almost all the time,  I feel like there's a lot to be grateful about and I feel that I can do this.

Now I feel my capability to express my love for food is a bit diminished, but when I do get the chance to eat something decadent I make it count and enjoy it thoroughly.   And then I work out a bit.

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