Thursday 5 November 2015

Halloween 2015

So... I survived Halloween! 
It was an amazing weekend and at the end I was so tired!!!

First, on Friday we went to the supermarket to buy all the stuff we needed for the party, like food, plates and assorted supplies. After an all day long cleaning, organizing and buying we went off to a more rural area outside the city to listen to some local legends and to watch a play about Death and the dead.  It was very interesting and it all was a lot of fun.

Poetry and Death
On Saturday we woke up early and started cooking and getting everything ready for our Halloween party, before 5 pm of non stop cleaning/cooking/decorating I was so tired that my back started to bother me a little, but it was time to do our make up and so we went.
My decorated flat!

This was my make up. Quite rad, right?
Matching corpses!
I LOVED this year's make up, it was horrible and beautiful at the same time and I felt good in my costume, so I was able to enjoy the party a lot. I felt so proud, because I did both my make up complete and from scratch, and added the hubby's make up details.  

A little downside, I can't ware my glasses with the make up on, so by 4 am I had a pretty bad headache so I called it a night and went to sleep.  The party was over at 6 am!!!!

Next day we were supposed to clean up and pack up all the Halloween decorations, but we were so tired that we had some breakfast with the nieces (they came to the party and stayed up past 6 am! Oh, youth!) and collapsed on the couch for an amazing TV series marathon. 

Another great Halloween party and we survived it!!!  So now I share some of our photos. 
Group photo! I'm on the bottom left.
My friends (husband and wife) as Devil and Cthulhu!
I hope you had a fantastic Halloween!

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