Monday 2 November 2015

Friend Making Monday

I came across this thing reading another blog and I thought about doing it, so you could get to know me better. 

So, with no further fuss, I bring you:

FMM: I Am.

1. I am good at… cooking decadent food, being a wife, having a good argument, party planning and TV watching.

2. I am happy when… I'm with my husband.  We have so much fun together and we enjoy each other's company as much as we can. If we can do it together, be sure we will.

3. I am working on… on myself.  Learning to love and understand myself is a journey I just started but I feel I'm on a good track and heading to a better place of self forgiveness and caring love.

4. I am interested in… almost everything and anything! I'm interested in design, art, photography, films, writingcalligraphy, crafts, upcycling, science, health, gardening, sustainability, decoration, psychology, food, amongst other things.

5. I am always… reading, watching or writing, those are my biggest passions.  I LOVE stories, both telling them and having them told to me so one way or another I find myself searching for the stories of the world..

6. I am enjoying… eating healthier and working out.  Believe or not it's been a blast watching my own transformation from an obese compulsive eater who couldn't even walk a block around my house smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day, to someone that can hold a plank for 1 minute (it's not much perhaps and I feel like dying, BUT I can do it!).  Little by little I can do more things with my body and I see how I'm changing slowly but surely in to a healthier stronger me.

7. I am in…my office. It's a workday and I must be here.  

8. I am reading… What if...? by Randall Munroe.  It's funny, interesting and I'm loving it. 

It's really amazing and funny

9. I am concerned about… being able to keep my healthy lifestyle changes for good.  I want to be able to reach a healthy weight and a strong healthy body, but I also want to keep it like that for ever and don't let the obstacles in life derail all my hard work. 

10. I am looking forward to… my Halloween party! I'm excited about my costume and it's my first store brought costume, and not home made. I want to prove to myself that I can make the right choice even in the Holidays and this will be a preparation for Christmas and the festivities to come.

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