Wednesday 18 November 2015

Kikki K Set Up - Part 1

Mi Kikki K as it came from the store.
Well... it's almost December and the time comes closer for me to start using my Kikki K for the first time, so I decided to personalize it a little bit.

First off, I discarded the dividers that came with the planner. They were the same shade of teal as my planner, but I wanted something with more bang.

So I opened a stash of scrap book paper with a travel theme and I cut and laminated my new set of dividers. 

The Monthly View Tab
I also added the pen I'll be using, some stickers and post its. 

This are some of the dividers after the make over:


That's all I did. Ill wait till December to decorate the inside of the planner and then I'll share the photos.

So far, I ADORE my Kikki K.

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