Friday 25 September 2015

Damn you sugar!

Well, here I was yesterday writing about being sugarless and how well I've been doing, and then... my birthday happened.

I thought that I was safe, I brought my own meal (as I've been doing all week) I ate it and it was almost time for me to leave the office, when some of my co-workers brought a white chocolate and raspberry tart from Starbucks, I think.  There was no way out of this without hurting some feelings, and as I'm new to the team and company, well, I had to take a bite.

Poisonous beauty
It was a small bite, nowhere near the amount of cake I would have eaten if I wasn't walking this road, but still, I broke the chain and ate sugar.

I thought that breaking my streak and adding one more day to the challenge was my worst problem. Alas! Little did I know what was in store for me.

Before all this, I never felt any changes in my body when I ate sugar,  not even when I ate the equivalent of my country's debt in desserts.

But today was different, even from the start I felt it too sweet (WTF!!! WT(actual)F??? Too sweet? That phrase has never EVER been in my vocabulary... really, never), the texture was pleasant, but the sweetness was too much.
A few minutes later I realized it had been a bad BAD idea to eat the tart: I felt my heart racing, a headache starting to rise and a lot of anxiety.  A half hour later I had terrible reflux and I felt like a bloody dragon!

From the moment I finished my slice of tart to when I reached my house, I was cursing the hell out of that sugary food.

I was cranky, hungry and with a massive headache.

As soon as I got home, I did my daily yoga (great sun salutations, thanks Erin Motts!) and then I had a protein rich dinner to fight the sugar spike and crash I was going through.

Who would have thought this is how I felt all the time and didn't even noticed it because I was jumping from one sugar high to the next.

This experience was eye opening and it will definitely be something I'll take in account the next time I'm offered something sugary and I don't think I'll be returning to the old ways.

Another silver lining? I stayed eating good and healthy after that, as well as working out.  This time my falling of the wagon wasn't as catastrophic as usual, and I was able to get right back in line.

Oh! Sugar, thou heartless b!tch mistress...

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