Tuesday 29 September 2015

The Series are Back!

What can I say, I´m an avid television watcher, especially for UK and US series.

I watch a lot, and I mean A LOT of TV series every week.  From The Big Bang Theory to The Blacklist going through Game of Thrones, True Detective, Castle, Scorpion, Da Vinci’s Demons, 12 Monkeys, The Middle, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Sherlock and a lot more.

Yep, this describes me and the hubby

I love watching the stories unfold before my eyes and love or hate the characters that I see evolve through time… the down side: the waiting time between seasons.

Is the worst thing ever, if I had a wish, it would probably be that series wouldn’t have breaks and that they bring Firefly back (Browncoats unite!)

So yesterday was download day (I download just one day a week to wait for all the new episodes of all my series instead of downloading a bit one day and a bit another) and almost all my favourite ones are back!

I’m so happy for this; I love stories, whether they are written or audio-visual, it doesn’t matter to me, I devour them and I crave for more.

I guess one ideal job would be watching television for money, so if you are looking for someone that can watch episode after episode, or a mash of 10 different series, I’m the one you’re looking for.

Do you love television? Or what does your “me” time looks like?

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