Monday 28 September 2015

More Sugar and an Amazing Surprise!

Well, the birthday festivities carried on this Friday with my birthday party where my friends came to my house and we shared our time, a glass of wine and of course… cake.

Mi Neighbour Totoro Chocolate Cake
My friend Pato made me this beautiful cake and I wasn't able to tell her no.
The taste was amazing and I didn't crash as bad as I did on Thursday, but as soon as she left, I gave away the rest of it.

When the party was finally over (at 4:30 am, thank you very much) I was ready to go to bed and sleep, but I found out some surprising news: my birthday present was a trip for 2 over the weekend to the Beach!

I was completely taken aback.  Not only it was completely out of the blue and unexpected, but it was so out of my husband’s character that I thought I was dreaming.  But no, we packed our bags and the next morning we were flying towards a sandy beach.

The view from my plane window

We arrived quite fast and went directly to the hotel and left our bags there.  The whole trip we walked, explored and spent quality time together, being reminded of why we’ve been together almost 17 years (AKA, my husband is the best one ever).

We also made a new friend!

His name was Minino and we was adorable!

These are some photos we took and it was definitely one hell of a trip.

A weird rock thing in the middle of the beach

The pool area

This is a sope

Shrimp stuffed avocados
Sea rock climbing

Amazing views

Giant rock

I hope to repeat this again soon.

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