Thursday 24 September 2015

They say it's my Birthday

So... this time of the year... again.

Today is my birthday and I'm turning 34 years old. (WTF! When did this happened! I was 22 last I looked!)

OK, enough with the exclamation points and the craziness.

This year I'm actually excited to celebrate my birthday as the beginning of my new life and new points of view. I will learn to celebrate with food and choices that are good for me and with people that make me happy.

And even like this, it's too much sugar for me
Thanks to all my adoptive family (AKA friends) for always being there for me.
Thanks to my husband, best friend and partner in crime for these almost 17 years together, I love you and you are the reason my life is worth it.
Thanks to my in-laws for welcoming me to your amazing family and sharing with me the real mining of family love.
Thanks to my fur-babies Gaïa (AKA Fluffy), Frijol (AKA Chaï Wallah), Camillè (AKA Bombi) and Callie (AKA Piña) for giving me the purest of love and the best cuddles.

Cats are the best, indeed.

So, happy birthday to me, but specially happy rebirth to me.

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