Monday 19 October 2015

A Busy Bee Weekend and Q & A About Me Part 3

Well, this was a mighty busy weekend.

On Friday, the hubby and I went to our appointment with our tattoo artist to talk about what we want and the design we wish for and to book an appointment.    He is crazy busy so I got mine on December 5th and my husband got his on March 4th!  How sad, I really wanted to have my tattoo by next week.

On Saturday, we went to a market to buy Halloween stuff and afterwards to a costume and make up store to buy our supplies.  In the evening, we went to our Ataraxia concert which had 2 other groups performing.  It was an amazing concert and I was glad to listen to these classic medieval groups and that we had the chance to AGAIN see live this fantastic but unknown group, Ataraxia.

She is weird, but what an amazing voice!

On Sunday I was extra tired and had a constant headache all day long, but that didn't stop us from decorating the hell out of our home to be ready for Halloween.  

Demon Skull
We finished all at 11:30 pm and of course, when I got up at 5:00 am in the morning today, I was so sleepy and almost a zombie myself.
I hope I can go to bed early today so I won’t be as tired tomorrow.

Well, here is the last part of the weird questions I've been answering!

Q: Tomorrow will be better because…
A: I’ll keep taking care of myself and I’ll strive to be better at this “healthy lifestyle” thing, so every day I’ll be a better me and tomorrow I’ll be happier, healthier and stronger.

Q: What made today unusual?
A: Ghosts. I was having a rather weird conversation with my sister about ghosts and astral projections. Though I don’t believe in ghosts, I grew up in a very scary old house where a lot of weird things happened.  My sister is a true believer of the supernatural (whether she admits it or not) and it was a rather unusual conversation for a Monday morning.

Q: What are you looking for from life?
A: Happiness. I want to enjoy the rest of my life the way I've never been able to.  I enjoyed some things, lots of things, but not as fully as I deserve. Damn you depression, bugger off!

Q: What is your favourite thing to drink?
A: Tea. I love to drink caffeinated black or red tea in the morning, sometimes make it a chai latte; after lunch I love a mint tea and in the afternoon/evening I sip on caffeine free herbal infusions like strawberry, passion fruit, peach and mango. I even have an amazing super geek TARDIS mug for my office teas.

TARDS Mug and Chocolate-Mint Tea
Q: Today the temperature was…
A: Very cold! I love it. We are having like a million cold fronts and this means we have cloudy skies and rather cold temperatures, which is by the way, my favourite weather.

Q: How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went?
A: A tad more than the average Joe. I buy organic and it doesn't come cheap here, as it isn't a trendy or popular choice. We are one of the countries with the worst obesity epidemics and malnutrition at the same time… and I don’t see a near future where this changes.  But I’ll choose the best option for myself and my family, no matter the cost.  It’s just like adding the cost of a pizza night every week, but on produce and healthy groceries.

Q: Tomorrow I will…
A: Wake up early and work out first thing in the morning. Then I’ll have a healthy big breakfast and start my day with good things and choices for myself.

Q: What was your last major purchase?
A: My Kikki K Planner.  It is AMAZING!!! I love it and all the other accessories I bought with it. I is an expensive planner, but I think it’s worth it and I adore it. Can't wait for December to arrive so I can start using it.
This is my Kikki K!
Q: My house is a home because…
A: Because of my family: my husband, the best husband ever in the history of husbands and my 4 adorable cats.  They make my life worth living and they give me unconditional and unending love every day.  And of course, I love them back just as much.

Q: Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?
A: My husband. He told me that he loves me this morning and I love him too.

Well, this is it.  These were the last questions and I had fun answering them.  They are a bit random and some were right on weird, but it was a very interesting way of letting you know a little more about me and my life.  I hope you like this and feel free to answer the questions on the comments.

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