Monday 12 October 2015

Ink, Ink and Now More New Ink.

I LOVE tatoos.  All kind of tattoos. 

This is one beautiful piece of art.
If they are beautiful, well done and interesting, it's art, but if they are in the wrong place, terribly done or just plain horrible, they are hilarious!

What the hell!
I have 2 tattoos.  

My first one is an Elder Sign on my back, because I ADORE everything Lovecraftian.  I'm a big fan of his horror tales and I'm also plagued with chaos in my life, so I decided I wanted to conmemorate being a bookworm fan and to have something to protect me from all this chaos. 

This photo is from my wedding day. Love it!

My second tattoo is a moon on my left arm.  My husband has the sun and together the tattoos are both corny and beautiful.

The Moon and the Sun

And soon, very VERY soon I'm getting my 3rd tattoo!

Now, for this 3rd tattoo I'm going with a compass, feathers, and sort of a gush of wind. It will be my first coloured tattoo and the first on my foot.  I find it fitting to have a travelling symbol on my foot to remind me to keep moving and feed my wanderlust. 

This Friday I have a pre-appointment with my tattoo artist (this is a must) to talk about design and ideas and next week I'll have it tattooed. 

I'll post pictures of the process and the finished product as well.  Wish me luck because they say that the placement I chose is pretty painful. 

I'm waiting a week between the design and the tattoo itself because I have a concert this Saturday.  I'm going to see Ataraxia again and they are AMAZING!

Francesca Nicoli, Lead Singer for Ataraxia

My husband also just told me that we have tickets to the Iron Maiden concert next year!!!! My favourite metal band of all times. 

Fantastic and Bad ass!
I'm exited with all these good news and I wanted to share them with you.

Do you have tattoos? Do you love them, but don't have them? Do you regret one?  How about your love for Iron Maiden?

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